iTunes App Store - the name matters

Posted by ESCOZ on Thursday, October 07, 2010

Here's a chart of the sales of my iPhone app, Quicklytics, over the last month. The vertical bar was the day I released version 5 of the app, whose major change was change of name, from its original Cracklytics, to Quicklytics.

I'm in no way an expert in marketing or the iTunes store, and even I can see the difference. The original name was more of a joke than anything else, and I never really cared enough/had enough time to think about changing it. But after quite a few colleagues and users finally complained about it, I ended up having to do something. 5 minutes of brainstorming later and I had a new name, and it was still available in the AppStore. It took another 20 minutes to change the images and code with the new name, update the site and create the new package to send to Apple. And that work resulted in a 7x increase in sales. Not bad at all.