MonoTouch awesome update!

Posted by ESCOZ on Thursday, September 09, 2010

Funny how some things always happen in sequence.

For months and months I’ve been having to explain to lots of people how Apple restrictions could, but didn’t, affect MonoTouch applications in the AppStore. That culminated with me interviewing with Paul Krill, from InfoWorld, to talk about Apple restrictions versus other platforms. The article was just published this morning, and you can read it here:

When I did the interview, I was really hoping that some extra visibility like that could cause Apple to at least issue a statement of some sort, clearing out the situation, for the better or the worse.

Well, this morning, just after I read the article live on InfoWorld, I opened my Tweeter feed and was delighted to see that Apple did release a statement about it, saying in clear words that frameworks like MonoTouch are just fine for the AppStore, and closing this case forever (I hope):

I would love to think that Apple was able to read the article 0ver night, and quickly changed its mind and wrote the press release because of me, but that is really unlikely. Anyway, this is a fantastic news for the MonoTouch community, and it’ll be great to see it grow more and more.

In related news, Sergio Pereira, from the Chicago ALT.NET user group, just posted the video of the MonoTouch presentation I did a while ago online. Here it is:

It’s been a great day so far, and its not even 9am yet!