Posted by ESCOZ on Thursday, December 02, 2010

MonoTouch.Dialog is an absolutely great library created by Miguel de Icaza to facilitate generating tables and forms for UIKit. It works on top of the UITableViewController, and is just great. I’ve been using it since it came out, and recommend everybody to look into it.

I decided to create my fork of the project on GitHub to incorporate some of the bug fixes/changes I’ve done back into the code base. Hopefully somebody will benefit from it eventually.

The thing I recommend the most is to aways inherit from the DialogViewController class, even for simple forms, instead of passing the RootElement in the constructor. In my first commit, I changed the Samples app to show this off, breaking up each of the Dialogs into its own class, instead of leaving everything inside the same partial AppDelegate, like it used to be. To me the code is now much cleaner this way.

Thanks goes to Miguel to create this awesome library! I’ll continue to push new Element classes and changes in the next few days. I hope you like it!