MonoTouch is alive and doing well!

Posted by ESCOZ on Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back in April 2010, Apple changed some rules that made it look like MonoTouch was seeing the last of its days. I documented it here. After all this time, it feels like its important now to write about the updates since then to MonoTouch.

The best news of all is that nothing really changed, after all: Apple is still accepting MonoTouch applications normally into the AppStore, including applications built specifically for iOS4, with things like backgrounds tasks. Here’s a list of some of the apps that have been accepted recently.

The platform also keeps improving. Several releases have been made since then, supporting every single functionality added Apple in the new OS. Improvements are also continuously made to the platform, and apps keep getting faster and faster with every release.

Finally, usage seems to be going up, with several books being released, several talks being done all around the world at user groups, and even the number of people hanging around in the IRC channel increasing daily.

I have just finished a new application for a client (I’ll write more about it soon), as well as released a new version of Cracklytics, my personal app (the new version is waiting approval).

For those of us (including me) that were a little worried about MonoTouch, it seems that now is the time to relax and enjoy the platform.