Obj-C and iOS for .NET Developers

Posted by ESCOZ on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updated: Now with the video of the presentation! I hope you all enjoy!

Last night, Sept 14th 2011, I presented on Obj-C and iOS for .NET Developers at the Chicago Alt.NET user group, at our Redpoint offices in the Sears tower.

Thanks for everybody who attended! We had a full house, with almost 50 people attending the meeting. A few had to stand up in the back of the room, and the pizza was barely enough for everybody. I had a great time doing the talk, and loved that people asked a lot of questions. I hope everybody else enjoyed it as well!

Here are the slides for the presentation (on SlideShare , if you can’t see it below):

If you do look at the slides, and for some reason you love XCode, please be polite and keep it to yourself. I would love to understand why anybody would like XCode, but not without beers in my hand.

Thanks everybody!