Quicklytics 6 - what's coming!

Posted by ESCOZ on Monday, March 14, 2011

UPDATE: In what was likely the fastest apple review ever, the app was approved and is already available for download!

I have just finished working on the new version of Quicklytics, and submitted the app for Apple approval. While the app gets reviewed, I thought people would like to know what’s new in the app, so here’s some of the highlights:

iPad Support – the app now fully supports the iPad! Viewing your site statistics on the iPad is now much more user-friendly.. The data available is the same that is available on the iPhone version, but both the site stats and the details appear in the same screen. Take a look at the screenshot below:


Changing periods and websites in the top view automatically changes the report selected in the bottom, and I think people will love it! Side scrolling still works on the top window, just like the iPhone.

Visitor location drill-down support – Now you can see not only the country, but also state and city of your visitors, just drill down on the Country report

Visitor Source Keywords report – Shows all the keywords that people typed in on Google, Yahoo and other search engines to get to your website.

Other reports – A few other reports were added: Top Landing Pages, Top Exit Pages, Pageviews by Hour and Unique Visitors By Hour.

Other changes: The settings and login screen were redesigned, and the app also now features a new updated logo:


I hope everybody likes the update when it comes out!