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About QuickAdsense

QuickAdsense brings Adsense to your pocket! You can use QuickAdsense to see the latest earning estimates of your account. The app uses OAuth to authenticate with Adsense in a secure way, and downloads data in a matter of SECONDS! Your data is only stored on your device.


If you’re having any problems with the application, please contact us at quickadsense@escoz.com. We’ll try to answer your question as soon as possible.

QuickAdsense 1.0

Google Adsense Data Policy

Protecting your privacy and your data is really important to me. Your authentication information is NEVER stored in your device, and is only sent to Google for authentication when you first authenticate with Google so that reports can be downloaded. The only data retrieved from Google Analytics are the reports that you see on screen, and that data is destroyed after the report is presented. Absolutely no information is sent from QuickAdsense to any site other than Google.