About ESCOZ Inc

Hey there! ESCOZ Inc is me, Eduardo Scoz. Just me.

I founded this company many years ago, to build cool things I would love to work on. From web to iOS apps, I build these because I love doing it.

Between apps and websites, projects created by me are currently used by many tens of thousands of users a day. Hundreds of people are very likely using one of my apps or sites right now, as you read this. This makes me really happy, and pushes me to continue creating and adding to those projects.


I'm currently a mobile engineer at Ebay Inc, working on the Classifieds group, which builds apps for over 10 different brands and countries all over the globe.

I have over 20 years of software development experience on all kinds of platforms. Currently my focus is on .NET/Mono based enterprise applications, such as iPhone apps, and web applications, using Ruby, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, and other things. Interested in developing software of the highest quality, using Agile/XP techniques to simplify the design and scalability of applications.

I've been part of projects of all sizes, from simple web apps for 2-3 users handling millions of dollars daily, to large web apps used concurrently by over 180k+ users dispersed across the globe. I also have experience in a lot of different domains, such as Advertising, Energy Trading and HR Systems.